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End on 31.03.2017
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Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
0.3%-0.4% hourly forever (on business days)
0.1% hourly on weekends

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Profit from Interest

With our Company you earn interest from your deposit every hour of the day, seven days a week the whole year through. Your Profits from your interest are one core element of our very attractive Investment offer to our investors.

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Referral Commissions

Besides the earnings from your deposits interest you can earn referral commissions by referring friends and family and other interested people to our Investment Company by using your personal Referral Link. You earn 7 % of the Deposits of your 1st Level Downline, 3% on the 2nd Level and 1% in the 3rd Level adding a steady income stream for you.

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One of the key elements of our strategy is to motivate and promote our investors who spread the word about our unique Investment Product and build up a team in their downline. Besides the Referral Commissions we also grant an increased interest rate of up to 0.4% on the deposit of our investors PLUS a Bonus Payment of up to 76.68 BitCoin on their way from Level 0 to Level 10 of our unique Career System.

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Three Level Referral System

All Referral Commissions are credited directly to your Account Balance and you can withdraw or reinvest these funds immediately.


1st Level

Like most other Investment Programs we offer a Referral System. But ours is unique as it includes 3 Level of your Downline you can build your Team from and earn. On 1st Level we grant you a 7 % Referral Commission on all Deposits of your direct Downline, which are members who have signed up under your link directly.

2nd Level

Your 2nd Level Downline includes those members who have signed up using a link of your 1st Level Downline. You earn an additional 3 % from any deposit of your 2nd Level Team.

3rd Level

Those members who signed up using the Links of your 2nd Level Downline are forming the crowd populating your 3rd Level Downline. From any Deposit they make you earn 1 %.

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